Friday, January 29, 2010

21 Days: Day 20 Legacy

For the next 21 days this blog will be dedicated to a
journey with Jesus Christ.
One word will be posted each day, with a brief video explanation.
I pray it is an encouragement to those who are walking the same 21-day path!


  1. Dear, dear Kennedy...there is ABSOLUTELY no doubt that your legacy will be to impact others as you are being impacted! Yes, sweetheart, others will be able to say how you have influenced them in a positive way. Because many are pouring into you, you will be able to pour into others. You are going to make a huge mark in your world!

  2. P.S....

    Kennedy, your words are an encouragement to me as God has entrusted me to impart His truths to several young women. My prayer is that they will say what you are able to say about our experiences together. Thanks for helping me to see a purpose!