Monday, February 8, 2010


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  1. Thanks this wrap-up encouragement you're doing here....your words have rung strongly this morning as I think about and pray for the local pastor who has been so cruelly ridiculed here in the DFW area this past week. As you know we were members of his church for a long time...but when we left, we recognized that, although his methods were sometimes "in your face" or controversial, he brought so many souls to Christ....your words have reminded me, as did Pastor Kevin's words this past weekend, that we do not need to be pharasees...we don't need to be judging others, no matter what! It is God's job alone....and in our children's friendships, relationships...we need to do the same thing...even if it's a school principal, teacher, pta person, whoever---we don't need to criticize, especially in front of our kids! THANK YOU FOR THESE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT BECCA....BLESSINGS THIS WEEK!