Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ch 1: Stop Praying

So many statements to expound on! Loved 2nd sentence p. 30 .... and what about last sentence p. 31? But the most resonating word for me was convicting, and held me to my promise of vulnerability and transparency as I author this weblog.

Last line, p. 33: "Could it be your arrogance that makes you think God owes you an explanation?"

Ouch! While I wince at the thought of being arrogant, I cannot deny the times my life has been an "if/then" experiment with God.
'If you open this door, I'll praise you for it'.
'If you give me revelation, I'll honor you with it.'
'If you show me my destiny, I'll worship you in it.'

Granted, my motives may be pure - but I am still asking for explanations from a God who owes me nothing. As the video on declares, He is far greater than my teeny-tiny mind can comprehend. Yet I often request explanations in my prayer life instead of simply asking Him, how can I honor you with my life today?

Your turn - Ch 1, pgs. 25-38 - what moved you most?


  1. Yes Becca...that is one of many sentences I have also marked throughout Ch. 1. God indeed does NOT own us any explanations no matter how much we ask or want to know. If its his will, that's it, end of questions asked. Now if only I could remember that. :)

    Lets see, for me....after watching the video "Just Stop and Think". Pg. 29 - "No matter how many fascinating details we learn about God's creation, no matter how many pictures we see of His galaxies, and no matter how many sunsets we watch, we still forget." It IS so easy to do. Yet when we actually take the time to "stop and smell the roses"...its absolutley amazing all that God has created, down to the smallest of details. It is truly mind-boggling! Something we need to be reminded of often...God's wonderful works!
    ~ Patricia Borchardt

  2. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to rereading it with my sisters. So much stood out in these first few pages. For me the sentence "He does not have to know us so well, but He chooses to." resonates true to me. How awesome it is to know that our God wants to know us so well and have a very personal relationship with us? My heart fills with joy in just the mere thought of Father's love and his attention to me, that he cares what's going on in my everyday routine, that I can go to him and his wisdom is never ending and his love is never fading. My Father is a mighty creator and is a good and just God. How thankful I am that he "chooses to" care about the micro along with the macro details in our lives.

    1 Peter 5:7 "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you."

  3. "Does God owe you an explination?"

    That one stuck with me as well...
    I used to think YES! He most certainly does! I wanted to know why, what does that mean?, what are you going to do about it! I have struggled with anger toward God, felt like I was owed an explination, that I had a right to one, and for years I prayed for one. Guess what?! I'm still waiting on that explination, I may or may not ever get it, but by being selfish and stubbornly waiting for an one, I missed out on the blessings that were there by NOT knowing and just trusting God to reveal things to me as He see fit!

    It's all good though! God even forgives for impatience, and there were blessings in that as well! :)

  4. Girls, all 3 of you are right on!

    Isn't it great to see what others are hearing from Him!! Post on chapter 2 is coming later tonight!

  5. I agree with the Stebbins family post...last line p.32:
    "He does not have to know us so well, but He chooses to." He knows who I am, my thoughts, motives, desires, strengths and weaknesses. He knows my actions before I do them and what I am all about. Like Jonah, I can not escape Him. God knows all that I keep hidden from others (like my insecurities and failures), yet He still loves me!!

    I like it best the way Mr Chan described God's choice on the video... God "proposed" to me. Like He was handing me an engagement ring (eternal life) and asking me the ultimate question (Will you spend the rest of your life with me?) All I have to say is " I do!" He wants an amazing, intense, LOVE relationship with me!