Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ch 8: Profile of the Obsessed

Obsession is a strong word, and yet I beileve we live very obsessed lives. The norms we have placed on our own life are packed with seemingly inescapable responsibilities that will forever altar our destiny if we don't continue the frantic pace. Work - Family - Friendship - Children - Community - GOD - - - all these life facets comprise His design for our lives. Unfortunately, we quickly distort the God-honoring framework into an unrecognizable blur repeating itself until our life seems but a quickly disappearing stripe in the rearview mirror of our racetrack world.

On the bottom of page 131, Chan lists Luke 14:12-14 to drive the point of living outside ourselves. I recently served at a dinner for individuals that were homeless, fighting addictions or recently released from prison. While my heart was burning with a sincere desire to extend love to these people, I was ashamed at how ill equipped I was. The lack of relevant small talk appeared as the Grand Canyon between me and the faces I saw. I realized it; I have not purposefully invited the outside world into my world. Take note- - it was not that I had intentionally excluded them- - but I had failed to purposefully include them as part of my life.

Now, I long for obsession. To be obsessed with Jesus - -what He wants me to do - - where He wants me to go - - who He wants me to reach. I want to be a risk taker -page 133-with a life motto of God, bring me closer to you during this day, whatever it takes....

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