Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ch 4: Profile of the Lukewarm

Okay sisters - - I think I'm going to need to re-read this chapter a few times! The spiritual inventory required in the Lukewarm Profile section was like shining a flood light in my soul. And more than once, the eyes of my heart winced. Perhaps the best summary for my response to this chapter is top of p. 67:

"Do not assume you are good soil"

Often I am preoccupied with day-to-day (top p. 75), playing it safe, and oh yes, CONTROL ... feel like I've got to be in control. Lord - forgive me for being lukewarm! I want to be a fire for you - a bright light - salt that has not lost its flavor!

What spoke to you?


  1. Well crap (excuse me on that). The more I read this chapter the more I checked off..."yup, that's me". Now I knew coming into this book that I had a lot to learn and change in myself when it comes to God. I was in fact living the "...Goals of American Christianity...nice marriage, children who don't swear, and good church attendance." (pg. 68)
    Boy, how WAY off I have been and how LUKEWARM I've been living. "He is saying that lukewarm, halfhearted following is useless, that it sickens our soul. He is saying that this kind of salt is not even fit for the manure pile." (pg. 81) I don't want to "ruin manure" any more!!

  2. Okay sister ...you just made me laugh outloud!! I think God is so thrilled when we open our eyes and see the CRAP that surrounds our lives! Now we have the chance to open our hearts to His Spirit for a nice house cleaning!

    Be encouraged my sister - - I'm right there with ya! Poop and all!! Love you much!

  3. "The fact is, He (Jesus) wasn't interested in those who fake it." (4th line from bottom of p. 66)

    My response to God's immeasurable love is WRONG if it is counterfeit. When looking at paper money, it is hard to distinguish a genuine dollar bill from a good counterfeit bill. A person must know what constitutes an authentic bill from a replica. Once a person is familiar with what is real, it is very easy to discern the fake. This chapter talked about what was authentic and what was fake...being lukewarm is like living a counterfeit life.

    My GENUINE response to God’s immeasurable love should be RADICAL, BLAZING PASSION, UNCONDITIONAL, TOTAL DEVOTION, DEEP HEART-FELT WORSHIP, FULL-COMMITMENT, LIMITLESS TRUST, and DAILY SACRIFICE! Thank you God for your mercy, grace and forgiveness for my infinitesimal response to your gargantuan LOVE!