Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ch 3: Crazy Love

P. 57 "This is how God longs for us to respond to His extravagant, unending love: NOT with a cursory "quiet time" plagued by guilt, but with true love expressed through our lives."

I grew up in a church culture that placed greater emphasis on legalistic rituals, such as morning quiet time, than on living a Spirit led life. Don't misunderstand - I do believe we need to read our Bible and have purposed time regularly with God. But I also believe we demonstrate the light of Jesus by loving others in radical, consistent ways.

We serve a creative, dynamic exciting God! Let's enjoy serving Him creatively!

...and by the way, if the dad and DAD section on page 54 sounded familiar based on your past, may I encourage you to seek out someone to process this with. Don't let a difficult experience with your earthly father rob you of a divine experience with your Heavenly Father!

- okay - - let's hear from ya!


  1. Speaking of the "dad and DAD" section, I had an alcoholic dad and a step-father who left my mother because of an affair. Therefore, my idea of a father figure was not positive. I woke up from my nightmare when I became a parent and a CHRISTIAN!

    Like Pastor Chan said: "My own love and desire for my kids' love is so strong that it opened my eyes to how much God desires and loves [me]"
    (page 55 - 1st line 3rd paragraph).

    God's love is so much more VAST than I can humanly understand. All I know is that I would throw myself in front of a speeding - no brakes - full to overflowing - runaway train if my child was in danger. And God LOVES me more than that!!

    I will forever be Abba's child...Daddy's Girl!

  2. Yes, speaking of the Dad section also, I would never have thought there was a connection between my experiences with my father growing up and God. Gives me something to think about since I've never had a very good relationship with my own father.

    pg. 62. "The best things in life are gifts from the One who steadfastly loves us. But an important question to ask ourselves is this: Are we in love with God or just His stuff?"
    This section that went on to give us an example through our OWN children gave me pause to think. Since I have three children, I could really relate to how I would feel if they didn't truly love me, only my "gifts". Not a very good feeling and certainly NOT how I want to be with God.

  3. My sentence was the same as the comment before me. Pg. 62. " But an important question to ask ourselves is this: Are we in love with God or just His stuff?"

    This to me is the difference between Praise and Worship. Praise being: Thank You God for all you do for me, Thank You for all that a relationship with you brings.
    Worship being: God, I love you, because you are my Father. I want to be with you, just being in Your presence is amazing!

    This is where I am right now, trying to figure out how to love God, and not just love his stuff.