Friday, September 18, 2009

Ch 5: Serving Leftovers to a Holy God

If you have not read a single chapter of this book - READ CHAPTER FIVE!
If I were a govning officer responsible for Believers in the Western Church, I would require all of us to read this chapter and sign off indicating we deposited it into our souls!

So much truth - so much to really examine our lives with. Pg 93: Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." Wow! This stopped me in my tracks! Because of my nature to be fast-forward-progress-driven, I realized how dangerous it could be to work fervently at the wrong task! Success would then be failure!

The exercise on pg 94 - replacing "love" with your name in I Cor 13 - well, I can't even talk about how convicting that was for me .... Pages 95-96 - all about faith without works is dead - - - yep, that hit home too.

I hope this is not defeating you but rather awakening your spirit to the true love we have for Jesus and the ways we can better demonstrate it to Him!

How are you doing? Is this book helping or hurting - - - - just wondering - - - -


  1. “God wants our best, deserves our best, and demands our best.” (bottom of p.90)

    When I think of "LUKEWARM" ... I think of drinking water. I don't like to drink water that is not ice cold or very hot (mixed with tea, hot cocoa, or coffee). I have on occasion spit out water from my cup that has become stagnant (lukewarm) due to no more ice. It makes me think about what God said in Revelations 3:15-16...He wants us hot or cold BUT NOT lukewarm for that causes him to spit us out.

    This chapter helped to remind me that I have left the cold (eternal death) behind to step into the warmth of the Son (eternal life). The hot fire of commitment should motivate and change the way I live so that I will never let the cold taint the hot fire making me lukewarm!

  2. The exercise on pg. 94 really spoke to me as well. I just took one relationship in my life (my marriage) and tried to apply that to the way I deal with situations in my marriage. Such as...Carolyn? Are you kind? Are you patient...etc.

    I found that even with the people I love the most here on earth, I am SEVERELY lacking! I am grateful for this book, because it has caused me to take a harder look at myself and my relationships with those I love, which in turn reflects my relationship with God.

  3. So far for me, this book is a bit on the defeating side. I'm realizing how much I've been "lukewarm" when it comes to God and I am wondering if I can truely come back from that.?

    pg. 85. "Jeasus' call to commitment is clear: He wants all or nothing."

    pg. 95 "How many of us would really leave our families, our jobs, our education, our friends, our connections our familiar surrondings and our homes if Jesus asked us to?"
    For me, my answer is that I'm not sure I could....does this mean I'm doomed for eternity? I want to grow in my faith and become closer to God...but parts of this book are making me feel like that won't be enough.

    I'll continue my journey for I know I've got a lot to learn....just feeling a bit on the down side about it.