Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ch 6: When You're In Love

Okay - to be perfectly honest, I am plowing my way through this book out of discipline and because it bugs me when I don't "finish" something!

While I agree with Pastor Chan's viewpoint and Biblical perspective, the delivery method has been a bit more defeating than encouraging up to this point. However I will say the last two pages of Chapter 6 were redeeming!

P. 110 - SomeOne I Can Be Real With - this section brought hope as I realized that I do in fact need His Spirit to equip and empower me to love.....

How bout you? Are you able to get real with God?

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  1. On page 100, 1st line of the 3rd paragraph: “When you are in love, you go to great lengths to be with the one you love.”

    I hope I can be the example of love toward God that Grandma Clara was for Pastor Chan. I want to be “madly in love” with God so that it is an all consuming priority.

    Pastor Chan said in the mini-intro video: “God is not a luxury but a necessity”. I agree, GOD IS A NECESSITY! I pray that I never lose the desire to spend time building the love relationship with my Father, Savior, and LOVER!!